13-19 Oct 2019 Cargese (France)


Lydéric Bocquet (LPS, CNRS/ENS Paris/PSL, Paris)

"Nanofluidics and osmotic processes"

Ramin Golestanian (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany)

"Phoretic active matter"

Elise Lorenceau (LIPhy, CNRS/Grenoble Alpes University, France)

"Flows in foams"

Frieder Mugele (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

"Experimental probes of surface interactions"

Roland Netz (Free University of Berlin, Germany)

"Liquid at interfaces from a numerician viewpoint"

Jacco Snoeijer (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

"Soft wetting"








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